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'cause Jay-Z dedicated 1 of his most racially charged songs to the QB during a live show. J.," Friday night in NYC, when he gave a shout out to Kaep and said the performance was for him ...

and the late activist Dick Gregory, who died last month. "I want to dedicate this song to anyone that was held back and you overcame whatever it was." Kaepernick is still without a job on an NFL team, and his perceived banishment (by some) from the NFL for refusing to stand for the National Anthem has been a divisive issue for many ...

Bieber even decided to unfollow Floyd on Instagram as part of a bigger plan to back away from people who don't share the same Christian values. He also said Justin needs to be true to himself -- but just because he's a godly man now doesn't mean Floyd has to change. Floyd's still the same guy who had your back in the past -- you shouldn't push him away now. Katy Perry was doing crazy costume changes and Ellen was posing for pics with EVERYBODY!

But will Bieber get an invite to the Mayweather vs. Taylor Swift's new music video wasn't the only thing worth looking at during last night's MTV Video Music Awards ... The award show itself didn't have any angry Kanye interruptions or Britney Spears dancing with a snake -- but there was still plenty of action behind the scenes at the moon man ceremony. p=18...rum=fpcgilusl5#18338 f=4&t=5689 cc/

but the comedian would have to write a huge check to make that happen. the bizarre call was made recently by a person who apparently has some connection to the encounter between Kevin and the woman pictured above.

The person who called Hart's lawyer did not say what they would answer while hooked up to the polygraph, but said they would only sit for a 6-figure amount -- we're told somewhere around 0,000.

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Medical professionals use a standard set of up to three methods to date pregnancies: last menstrual period, ultrasound, and a physical exam.

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