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Director: Chris Martin-Jones Becky and Jodi see Brian grabbing his new bar girl Kimmy. Brian threatens Becky's family if she reports his rape, but Tess says they need to catch him in the act and...

See full summary » Director: Kay Pavlou The drought is starving the cattle at both Drovers Run and Wilgul, so Claire, Tess, Nick, Terry, and Meg take them on a drove to find food and water. See full summary » Director: Karl Zwicky Alex struggles with the truth about his family as Harry tries to win his son back the only way he knows how.

George and Jan's new relationship lurches towards the rocks.

And the Weld locals brace themselves for the carnage of Guy Fawkes Night.

See full summary » Director: Ian Gilmour Claire sells Loverboy to Nick. Jodi is so obsessed with the memory of Alberto that she is shirking her work, and when Becky reproaches her, Meg ...

See full summary » Director: Donald Crombie Becky takes up boxing.

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Join us in social, share us between your friends - this will be the best revenue for us. A rumor that Jodi is pregnant flusters Meg and delights Alberto. Simon intercepts Jodi's Emails to Tess, afraid Tess will ...Sally makes it clear she is after Nick, but when ... See full summary » Director: Chris Martin-Jones Harry guilt-trips Becky into telling Claire that Peter is married. Tess decides to leave Drovers Run and work in the café with Simon and Briny.(You can take a look at the pics below.)We've previously seen different stars of the show - Michala Banas (who played Kate), Simmone Jade Mackinnon (Stevie) and Rachel Carpani (Jodi) - reunite in October, travelling all around South Australia (with their akubras, of course) to meet die-hard fans of the show.very differently; and, we were concerned that the tone and substance of the sequel story might alter too much from what people love about the series - and what they expect, too. And, also, we didn't want to let you down."So, as of last week, we have respectfully declined to move forward with further negotiations," she said. "It's not happening right now, but you never know," she recently told TV WEEK."I've always wondered what it would be like to get back on the horse - literally.Sally comes to the realisation that her relationship with Nick is going nowhere and she makes a heartbreaking decision.


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