Dating from the heart

It’s normal to make sense of your partnership by drawing comparisons — that part is fine.However, the part I’m talking about, is you comparing your ex out loud to your future boyfriend or girlfriend.

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You need time to heal your wounds, instead of just covering them up with someone new.

You are going to want to start fresh when dating a new person. You might want to throw away your ex’s memories or put them in a box far away in your closet.

You can’t carry your past relationship issues onto a future relationship.

Keep the ex-baggage where it’s meant to be — in the past.You’ll want to be sure you’re ready and capable of giving and receiving love.Check your heartbreak baggage at the door and use some of these tips for dating after a broken heart.After you and your partner split up, you will most likely be feeling many different emotions. You might have some horrible, no good days, and then you might have moments of joy and feelings of freedom that you haven’t experienced in a while. Some often say they truly feel their heart hurting.Make sure your environment is fresh and ready to start new.


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