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Since such termination raises a conflict between the rights of the child and the mother (the child's right to survival and the mother's right to terminate the pregnancy), who is competent to adjudicate the claim?As a basic premise law states, that killing a foetus is not permissible.

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Technically, by definition, abortion is destruction of life after conception and before birth.

Between these two points of terminus, life must have begun.

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Such condemnation could only be on the basis that there is some kind of life deserving protection. The Mother: Abortion raises a variety of moral, legal, social and medical questions.

If the pregnant women finds it necessary to terminate her pregnancy, does she have the right and upto what moment and on what conditions?

However, literature reveals that life sciences have not offered any well-laid guidelines to determine these crucial questions.

Some non-medical men and women have made bold assumptions on the subject, which have come to represent the layman's view.

That human life begins at the moment of conception is a religious tenet that makes no claim whatsoever to scientific truth.

Each of these two views standing at the extremes, creating a dilemma for the lawmakers.

One such consideration is concerned with the conflict between the rights of the mother and the rights of the child.


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