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Katt Shea (who would later go on to direct Stripped to Kill for Roger Corman) has a couple of hot scenes here, but spends too much of the film acting "preppy" which in this case means frumpy clothes, a posh accent, and a wig that makes her look 64. Typically inept for the subgenre especially when it attempts to mimic Risky Business, but it delivers on the tropes. Angel Eyes (Gary Graver, 1993) My sweet sixteen flick had me in heaven. Die Watching (Charles Davis, 1993) Second Chris Atkins flick for my challenge. I think that this movie warranted a remake, just not this one. Hooker (apparently they couldn't get Henry Rollins to put on a metal wig) is leading a troop on a search and destroy mission against a meddlesome alien. One of the soldiers, let's call him Bill Paxton, takes a leak on one of the remaining bits, and develops some sort of space gonorrhea.Penthouse Pet Monique Gabrielle is the kind of trash you don't want to throw out, but that will be your mistake...because she's trouble. Erik Estrada is on hand to add the cheese to this hot & spicy treat. Here he's a troubled dude who makes solo porn tapes with willing strippers and peddles them to a sleazy local video clerk. Goofy and fun '90s trash with choice nudity and sleaze. Evil Dead (Fede Alvarez, 2013) Another remake of a horror classic adds nothing new to the genre. I was excited at just the prospect of the Leprechaun in space. But I think this one actually gave me brain damage. Cut to the ship mixer, where he's getting it on with Delores, the crew tramp. Literally all of the enjoyment I got out of Last of the Living is the scene where Morgan farts. A mysterious stranger (Billy Zane) is after another mysterious stranger (William Sadler). Ice T is Mack Daddy, who shows up in an old subway station with a giant afro and full pimp getup, to steal the Leprechaun's magic flute.This unconventional WIP flick needed more whipping, though. It's a shame because I picked it based on my belief that I was getting a flick about a high school gamer who gets sucked into his role-playing fantasy. There is a cool segment involving stop/motion animation called Stone Canyon Giant and another with decent effects by John Carl Buechler. Enter Dennis Miller, playing a smarmy, wise-cracking smartass. I guess maybe a little less effective one here, with someone else writing his lines. ultimately a satisfying amount of tits and gore, so I like it! They always, without exception, lack the spirit of the original. I did like how the movie wouldn't end, it just kept getting pushed further and further, and that most everything in the book came to fruition, including raining blood and rising from the grave.

Not the faint of "art" or those who become squeamish at the sight of animal cruelty and real blood mixed with fake. A Film on Hitchhiking (Sanders-Rose-Swerdloff, 1974) Time capsule educational short on the dangers of hitchhiking. Under the Law: The Hitchhike (Philip Abbott, 1973) This hitchhiking "cautionary flick" features a cute blonde played by Robyn Millan (her next appearance would be in an MOW starring Bill Shatner). Rowles, 1976) Leave it to the Brits to release this tawdry "white-coater" that focuses on victims of hitchhiking terror and sexploitation. What other gangsta rapper would sign up for "Leprechaun in the Hood?

The Amazon location shooting rivals its great influence, Cannibal Holocaust. Thumbs down to hitchhikers and white boys with Afros. Hitchhiking: The Road to Rape (Ronald Floethe, 1971) Another short on the dangers of hitchhiking features lots of cool slow-motion and demonstrates to young women why it's best to avoid strangers in pick-up trucks. It takes a Rashomon approach telling both the cute girl's side of the story and the creepy older dude's recollection of what probably didn't happen. The young lasses are particularly fetching and the gloved rapist lends one segment a giallo vibe mixed with roughie (two subgenres I will explore more before this challenge ends). Flash Frame (AKA: Mind Storm; The Corporation; Subliminal Seduction; Andrew Stevens, 1996) Remember when CD-Rom was all the rage? Caveman (Carl Gottlieb, 1981) I'm not a fan of The Beatles and I'm even less of one after seeing Ringo Starr in a lead role. " Life is rough for rappers Postmaster P (the grand prince of mail?

This is a pretty lame beach comedy but you do get Funicello's fun bags and Eva Six's noted commodities: "Monroe's face, Mansfield's body and Zsa-Zsa's accent." Sadly, these weren't nudie-cuties and the ladies just tease through their tight sweaters and bouncing bikinis. The Cycle Savages (Bill Brame, 1969) Bruce Dern steals the show as a despicable biker with a hate-on for females. Only suggested nudity but there's a hot moment with a young blonde and a dripping ice cream cone that marks one of the sexiest scenes from my challenge so far. Brayker (Sadler) and cast are holed up in a seedy hotel. Mack Daddy pulls a knife and bat from his 'fro to take on the Leprechaun.

*Before they were famous - Casey Kasem plays Dern's pimp brother in a brief cameo. Cannibal Ferox (Umberto Lenzi, 1981) Ferocious "video nasty" from Umberto Lenzi, a man who's fastly becoming one of my favorite Italian sleaze provocateurs. It's nice to see that Ice T has a good sense of humor.

It does have great atmosphere and recaptures a certain amount of visual flair from Raimi's original, but it's missing the fun characters and tongue-in-cheek tone. Here's something I don't see often in movies: Boner-related death. Mittenhand" survived someone's idea of a joke, and suffers a most disturbing fate. The Leprechaun manages to wreak havoc on the ship, and survive long enough for two more sequels. This movie aspires to be a low rent Shaun of the Dead. A relic in the form of a key (as seen in Bordello of Blood?! His buddy Slug unwittingly removes the medallion from the Leprechaun's neck and sets him free.

It's competent as a depressing and exhausting gorefest if that's what you're in the mood for. Beach Party (William Asher, 1963) Rest in Peace Annette Funicello; you were the Selena Gomez of your era. Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon (1942) * 69 min. Three flatmates in New Zealand are coping with the zombie apocalypse. Much of the movie plays out like a music video, with interstitial dialogue. ) is sought after by The Collector (Zane) and his conjured demons to complete the set of seven. Said buddy gets an afro pick in the neck for his troubles.

This one had pretty great acting and a young girl's life being destroyed by a viral video is back in the headlines in my neck of the woods, so I felt this was a relevant night to watch this. Night Terrors (Tobe Hooper, 1995) One of the Tobe Hooper/Robert Englund efforts which I tend to enjoy more than most. Black Emanuelle (AKA: Emanuelle nera; Bitto Albertini credited as Albert Thomas, 1975) Laura Gemser heats up my Emanuelle evening. The Leprechaun did have the decency to disrupt the mushy love story between Rory and Emily. Later in the movie, they attempt to present Christine as a kick-ass vampire hunter. She chugs garlic and holy water, which, laughably, comes in handy late in the flick. They repeatedly refer to Foster's damaged arm as a "busted wing." He got shot in the gut, I'm not exactly sure what happened to his "wing." They all cruise around in her 1992 Chrysler minivan. Also after it is Maxwell and his thugs, dressed in black, driving a black car, backed by ominous music. The movie has a cream puff mash note of an ending, followed by the prospect of a sequel. Lance spots some strange goings on at the Stackpoole house.

Englund plays the Marquis de Sade in this incredibly whacked production that makes little sense but still entertains. This one is a bit tamer than some of her later appearances where sleaze was laid on more heavily. Foster survived and joins the vampire hunting squad with Christine and Luke the locksmith. They are tricking travellers into driving to their home, then conducting experiments on them.

Such a heady mix of hyperbolic melodrama and exploitation. Still there's lots of creepy stuff involving snuff footage. Actually, Rohmer's would likely be sexier and more satisfying. Whatever character development gained here is squandered to nothingness with the remaining cast. I couldn't figure out why Lisa, Emily, and Rory hang around with this genius. I'm not sure he wouldn't just rip their heads off, like he does Barry's. Jenny helps provide bikini/boob action with Nicole. I suppose Ray wants to avenge his parent's death, but it's not as if he takes any real precautions to take down the giant squid.


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