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Many scholars have written commentaries on the works of Kālidāsa.Among the most studied commentaries are those by Kolāchala Mallinātha Suri, which were written in the 15th century during the reign of the Vijayanagar king, Deva Rāya II.There are other kings who ruled from Ujjain and adopted the title Vikramaditya, the most notable ones being Chandragupta II (r. The most popular theory is that Kalidasa flourished during the reign of Chandragupta II, and therefore lived around 4th-5th century CE. Sastri lists the works of these three Kalidasas as follows: Sastri goes on to mention six other literary figures known by the name "Kalidasa": Parimala Kalidasa alias Padmagupta (author of Navasahasanka Charita), Kalidasa alias Yamakakavi (author of Nalodaya), Nava Kalidasa (author of Champu Bhagavata), Kalidasa Akbariya (author of several samasyas or riddles), Kalidasa VIII (author of Lambodara Prahasana), and Abhinava Kalidasa alias Madhava (author of Sankshepa-Sankara-Vijayam). Among them, Abhijñānaśākuntalam ("Of Shakuntala recognised by a token") is generally regarded as a masterpiece.

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The Sanskrit school was once famous as the `Nalanda on the banks of the Nila’ (Bharathapuzha), attracting students of all castes from far and near at a time when learning Sanskrit was a monopoly of the upper castes. Commentary for Sreekrishnavilasa (for the first four cantos) 16. Several articles in Sanskrit and Malayalam and Slokas 18.

Born in the year 1858 and brought up in an Orthodox Brahmin atmosphere Nampi later become a towering figure in the cultural renaissance of Kerala through his activities to promote Sanskrit Education.

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Kālidāsa was a Classical Sanskrit writer, widely regarded as the greatest poet and dramatist in the Sanskrit language of India.

His plays and poetry are primarily based on the Vedas, the Mahabharata and the Puranas.The other two members of the commission were Mahakavi Ullur and Subramaniam Potti. 1935 The College Library had 1500 books Nampi’s demise. The evidence cited by him from Kalidasa's writings includes: According to folklore, Kalidasa was originally an unintelligent person, and married a princess.Challenged by his wife, he studied Puranas and other Indian literature and become a great poet.Another legend states that he visited Kumaradasa, the king of Sri Lanka formerly known as Ceylon and, because of some treachery, Kalidasa was murdered there.


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