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The stigma that is still attached to proactively searching for love is years from dissipating and in that time, thousands of people will quietly waste their life feeling lonely, silently wanting more, simply to avoid any prospect of being the talk of the town.

A graduate of DIT, Rena’s career began in Radio and Television holding several sales and senior management roles before setting up INTRO Matchmaking in 2011.

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Being single in a room full of couples can often result in a burning sense of loneliness.

Loneliness kills It might sound a little fluffy, but loneliness is no laughing matter.

And while the fast and furious world of the location-based dating app may be slightly too racy for older daters, there is no good reason why they shouldn’t, or couldn’t access online dating sites.

There are even niche dating sites out there that are specifically geared towards older dating.

And then online trolls worsen the sense of embarrassment when perfect strangers see fit to pull apart your profile like rabid dogs just to buoy their own low self-esteem.

But although completing a profile and technically putting ourselves in a window for all to see can be a challenge, if you’ve got that far you have beaten the stigma in your own mind.

We are not technologically less advanced, nor are we less-educated or have less access to the internet however there is still a dark cloud over the notion that we should ever feel the need to take to the web to meet someone.

We are clearly streets behind our friends in America and GB when it comes to having the confidence to admit we are lonely and want a companion in life.

Rena Maycock and Anne Sexton give their advice There are unfortunately many situations in which people can be sexually assaulted, either by a stranger or by someone they know.

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