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Dogs proved adept and quick learners among the deadly perils of trench warfare.

They moved quickly, much faster than men; they were hard to spot, being low to the ground and with colouring that blended with the muddy environment; and they were loyal to their employers and determined.

However, younger variants more of the traditional definition of "cute" (I.e. Assume that if there is a Monster Mash, the few female member(s) will be Cute Monster Girls. This character type can also be used as a basis for studying discrimination, social differences and similar themes, since monster girls are pretty cute and different at the same time to attract a wide audience and detail problems arising from differences. Related to Moe Anthropomorphism and Gijinka in Fan Art circles. Compare Cute Alien Girl, Cute Eldritch Abomination Girl, Cute Humanoid Animal Girl, Cute Ghost Girl, Attractive Zombie, Seductive Mummy, and Slime Girl.

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Decorated with a brass radiator cap in the image of Bruce Bairnsfather's famous wartime cartoon character 'Old Bill', it became a feature of special events until on 30 April 1970 the association handed it over to the Imperial War Museum.

Animals, however unwillingly, have played a major part in human conflict for centuries.

Also related is Giant Woman, since the majority of giantesses are portrayed as sexually attractive.

We are surrounded by sheep farms and gamekeepers, and foxes are not welcome around here, so we feel it’s best to keep her inside – and what fox wouldn’t want to sleep on a comfy sofa?

When the Male Gaze gets involved this results in common design features for female characters in other contexts, like Hartman Hips, Non-Mammal Mammaries, long hair, and Tertiary Sexual Characteristics like dresses or make-up (or bits of anatomy designed to look like a dress or make-up), even if it would make no sense for such a creature to have these features.

While this is often done for purposes of Fanservice it can also be for What Measure Is a Non-Human?

This summer sees the awesome new First World War Galleries open at the Imperial War Museum to commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of the conflict, and last week we launched a Daily Mail appeal to help support this tribute to Britain’s courage so new generations will be able to discover the story for themselves.

To coincide with the galleries opening, the museum is publishing a new book, A History Of The First World War In 100 Objects by John Hughes-Wilson with Nigel Steel.

But no creature was more closely involved in the fighting than Man's Best Friend, the dog.

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