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This is a very sad blow for all the hard work this local Group put in to not only save the factory for a museum, but also a future educational establishment covering all aspects of engineering and communications.* The second Marconi factory in New Street Chelmsford opened in 1912 has been razed to the ground for a major housing complex.The only exception is the front building which has a preservation order on it.The area where the old organisation for travel arrangements and part of the photographic department is now one very large room.

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Photographs and more details of our history will be given to the Benefit company which they will gladly display in one of the rooms.

There is a number of modifications inside the building.

The whole site has either one/two bedroomed flats or major three/four bedroom houses.

Quite unrecognisable from its original 1912 complex.

We were received here by Ian Marshall the MD and his staff who gave us an excellent tour of their building.

The original front reception area together with the Edwardian staircase is still present, but the whole of the inside has been completely brightened with light walls/ceilings etc.

The Directors’ Luncheon Club has been completely renovated and the partition at the rear where small dining rooms were situated, together with the kitchen area, has been removed.

The rear area has been blocked off and a small entrance door adjacent to the old surgery has been installed.

A final trip to the Marconi statue at the rear of Chelmsford bus station ended the very quick tour of Chelmsford before the Marconi family were driven to Heathrow Airport for their flight back to Rome. a number of letters are from correspondents seeking information about former colleagues for research into their family history or for the preparation of articles, books, etc.


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